Wood Curtain Poles & Accessories

As discussed in the Eyelet curtains section of this website, Eyeleted curtains typically have eyes approx 40mm. You need to be aware of you Curtain Pole or Curtains Rod size when choosing your eyeleted curtains. At a push you can fit eyelets on a 35mm pole.  For wood poles of 40MM and above if you plan on hanging eyelets on them you need to ensure the curtains are eyeleted with extra large eyes otherwise they will not fit.

Also, you need to consider the weight of the curtains. Heavy eyeleted curtains on a wood pole are not recommended. The eyelets will sink with the weight into the wood and restrict movement. If your curtains are interlined heavyweight then you should consider upgrading to a metal pole. Pencil pleat curtains can also be hung using the curtain rings and curtain hooks. This section also sells additional curtain rings for wood poles.

Our wooden pole ranges as follows, Bronze, Gold & Cream, Walnut, Cream, Oak, Natural, Antique Pine and White. 

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