Brabantia Body Analysis Scale

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Brabantia Body Analysis Scale

This scale from Brabantia lets you personalise your details by inputting your personal data: age, gender, body height and whether you do fitness wise in the scales memory. The memory can store up to 8 users.  Then stand with bare feet on the scales (auto start) and wait until your weight is stored.  After a few seconds, the display will show an indication bar for body fat percentage and BMI .... and the body muscle and water percentage.  This will give you your own personal diary to monitor your fitness track your weight, body fat etc.

  • Accurate, digital system – 0.1 kg/0.2 lb/0.02 st. graduations
  • Extra large capacity (max 160 kg/352 lb/25 stones)
  • Easy to carry
  • Large plateau – comfortable
  • Stands stable – robust non skid
  • Batteries included – 4 x AAA/1.5 V
  • Note: Scales must not be used by persons with a medical implant (like a pacemaker)!
  • Place the scales on a hard, flat surface (no carpet)

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